From intense gaming, to extraordinary prizes and unbeatable bragging rights, Battle Royale has it all.

Every year, over 100 competitors bring their best to Ottawa's largest 24-hour gaming event, for a chance to win incredible prizes!

If you think you have what it takes to rise to the top or simply want to have a good time, Battle Royale is for you.



Every year, Battle Royale has been one of the most epic gaming competitions in Ottawa, with legendary prizes and intense games. And this year is no exception.

Battle Royale XIII will feature many popular games, with each game featuring its own tournament and special prizes! Tournaments will take place at different times during the day & night!


This year's prize pools can be seen on the eventbrite page! Click the "Tickets" button below to view all the details regarding the prizes!

IMPORTANT: This year, CS:GO and League of Legends will be major tournaments. Tickets for major tournaments will cost more, but prizes will increase substantially in value and the competition and intensity will be more epic.

Looking for a team? Join our discord server and let people know what game you're playing in #team-formation!


If you're an IEEE member, you will receive a discount. Just be sure to provide proof of membership! For more information on tickets, prizes, and prize pools, please press the "Purchase Ticket" button below which will bring you to our Eventbrite page.


Dates: February 15th to 16th

Times: 6PM Monday to 6PM Tuesday

Venue: Cyberspace (Battle Royale Discord Server)

Please be sure to fill out the event waiver (location pending) during registration.





> Who can participate in the Battle Royale?

We’re glad you asked! Absolutely anyone over 12 years of age can participate in Battle Royale. Many students from, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, and Algonquin College attend, so it’s a great opportunity to socialize with them.

> Do I have to stay at the Battle Royale for 24 hours straight?

Of course not! Once all of your games are done, you are free to go, but since Battle Royale is all about fun and socializing, we strongly recommend you stay and meet new people! However, DO NOT skip any of your games! If you do, you will be automatically forfeited and disqualified from your tournament (and you DON’T want that).

> Can I return my ticket or give it to someone else?

All sales are final, meaning we do not offer refunds for tickets. However, tickets are transferable, meaning that you can give your ticket to someone else. However, if a tournament doesn’t receive enough competitors, it will be cancelled, with no ticket refund. You can prevent this by inviting your friends to play in that tournament!

> What happens when I join?

Once you enter Battle Royale, you’ll be almost instantly immersed in the vibrant atmosphere. We ask that you make your way to the registration channel, where you’ll be able to sign in. Our volunteers will always be around, so feel free to ask them if you have any questions or if you need help.

> What's the difference between a major and minor tournament?

Major tournaments are the games at Battle Royale that are the most popular. This year, League of Legends and CS:GO will be the major tournaments. Major tournaments are expected to have more competitors, so the competition will be higher (and also more epic). Because of this, prizes for major tournaments will be substantially better and worth more money compared to the minor tournaments.

> What happens if I miss my game or it overlaps with another?

We do our best to avoid scheduling conflicts. However should one arise, the major tournament will always take priority. This means you may need to forfeit from your minor tournament, though we’ll do our best to prevent this!